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Mystic Amethyst
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Mystic Amethyst [userpic]

So. You spill milk all over your computer. Reaction?

A) Panic
c)Gasp and PANIC!


I went with C. Of course, flipped it over immediately, switched it off, took out the electric and battery, but still no luck. It just flashed at me, and by the time it had dried out, refused to switch on. Of course, by this point I had unscrewed pretty much everything and dried it out. There does however, come a point when you're a little bit scared to take it any further apart...although I find it all quite fun, it's still my just over a year old laptop, which I can't afford to replace.

So, I took it to a little computer store around the corner the next morning. Apparently, checking everything would take them a week *rolls eyes*. Anyway, they have no done so, and my battery and keyboard are just gone, dead, no more, yadda yadda. However, they're ordering new ones for me, so at least that's something. One thing's for sure though, I am NEVER letting liquids near my laptop again.


Current Location: University
Mystic Amethyst [userpic]

1. Get a job within six months after I graduate
2. Read ten new books.
3. Watch five new films.
4. Get a dog.
5. Graduate by August.
6. Visit a foreign country (preferably not India)
7. Read five new books
8. Choose a career path that really interests me, and figure out how to get there.
9. Learn about a new country...culture, language, religion, everything.
10. Learn more about Islam, Wicca and Sikhism.
11. Cut the old ways of life a bit more, and start to tell the truth.
12. Instead of complaining about the things I hate about myself, change them productively.
13. Do something where for one moment, I feel completely free.
14. Stop worrying about my mother, and remember that we are all responsible for our own emotions.
15. Be unafraid to talk in front of a group of people.
16. Kick all of my addictions by 31st December 2009
17. Get so high I can't remember anything...just once.
18. Stay on target weight wise.
19. Find love, or at least learn to be unafraid of it.
20. Look somebody straight in the eyes when I tell them I'm a lesbian for the first time.

Current Location: University
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Mystic Amethyst [userpic]

1. Learn More Japanese

Done some more, can now count up to 100, and carry on basic conversation.

2. Be more open about who I actually am

Told Mom and Pal. Remind me to NEVER be so stupid again.

3. Try and go an a diet (AGAIN)...sh'yeah right!

Lost 1 stone.

4. Read 20 new books by the end of the year.

Not done, read ten.

5. Watch 10 new films by the end of the year.

Not done.

6. Study for exams (AGAIN)

Passed the year :)

7. Finish most of my current FF

Finished MLFYWNC. Done BYIB as well.

8. Start to learn karate/kendo

Not done this one.

9. Finish Final Fantasy X-2 and get Final Fantasy VII and VIII.

Finished FFX2 in January and bought the others, but have not started them.

10. Tell more people what I think of them.

Done that.

Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated
Mystic Amethyst [userpic]



Current Location: B'ham
Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic
Current Music: We Are the Champions
Mystic Amethyst [userpic]

import java.io.File;
import java.lang.Character;
import java.lang.Comparable;

public class Trainer{


public static String [] findHam (String a){


public static String [][] MyMatrix (String [])
for (i=0,,i++);
if ()

Mystic Amethyst [userpic]

Start at stack S0
if stack.top

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<input.top>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

Start at stack S0
if stack.top<input.top then
return to S0

if stack.top>=input.top
go to stack k+1

@ stack k+1
if stack k+1=stack n &&
else if stack.top<input.top then
return to S0

else if stack.top>=input.top
go to stack k+1

Mystic Amethyst [userpic]

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